Virus/Malware Removal

  • Complete removal of all infections.
  • Check for secondary infections.
  • Fix corrupted files and correct potential issues
  • Install/Update anti-virus software.

Full System Restoration

  • Reinstall licensed operating system.
  • Update all system drivers.
  • Obtain all operating system updates.
  • Obtain browser plugins (flash, java, etc...)
  • Restore user data.

Wired/Wireless Networking Setup

  • Wireless:
    • Setup routers/Access points
    • PC/Laptop setup
    • Printer setup
  • Wired:
    • Structured wiring
    • Router setup
    • Switch setup
    • Install jacks

Routine Computer Maintenance

  • Clean interior/exterior of computer.
  • Check operation of cooling fans.
  • Check for correct power supply voltages.
  • Verify operations of all components.

Printer/Cleaning Service

  • Clean interior/exterior of printer.
  • Clean paper rollers.
  • Verify paper path operation.
  • Verify ink/toner levels.
  • Verify print operation.


  • Smartphone screen/digitizer replacement
  • Tablet screen/digitizer replacement
  • Laptop screen replacement.
Additional Services

On-Site Support

On-site service is available by appointment. Make an appointment today by clicking the button below.

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Remote Support

Remote support is available by appointment. Give us a call at 740-962-3559 for more information.

Recycle Program

We recycle a wide variety of items! Ranging from ink and toner to computer equipment. We also give credit for cartridge recycles towards a new ink/toner purchase.
Customer Service

Providing Our Customers With Quality Service Is Our #1 Priority.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is second to none. All computers receive our full service checkup, regardless of the original problem. Our technicians insure the livelihood of your computer by taking every precaution necessary and going the extra mile.

Prompt Service

We understand that your machine is very important to you. We strive to offer the quickest and most fullfilling service. Whether you're running a business, keeping in touch with family and friends, or doing homework. We leave you with very little down time.